Sweet Dreams

May 19, 2014

Sleep soundly, my little one

Cumberland Children's Photography

Glorious Spring

May 15, 2014

C & O canal, Cumberland MD (3 of 13) C & O canal, Cumberland MD (12 of 13) C & O canal, Cumberland MD (4 of 13) C & O canal, Cumberland MD (8 of 13) C & O canal, Cumberland MD (11 of 13) C & O canal, Cumberland MD (13 of 13)

Snow Fun

February 8, 2014

Feb 14_0140

Feb 14_0152

Feb 14_0142

Feb 14_0153

Feb 14_0147

Feb 14_0145

Feb 14_0155 Feb 14_0144

Feb 14_0164

Feb 14_0174


Tim & Rachel :: family

November 27, 2013

Three weeks ago friends of ours came to spend the weekend with us.  Last year when they came to visit, Rachel was hoping we could do family pictures while they were here (as was I, of course!), but the weather turned rainy and frigid the day we were planning to take them.  We holed up at Queen City Creamery eating ice cream instead.  Incongruous?  Yes, until you counter in the warming butternut squash soup that waited for us when we arrived home.

This year we made plans for pictures again, but held them loosely.  After all, what can you expect in November?  It was a little pretty chilly but not too cold as long as we were sheltered from the wind.  And just like last time, there were little rain drops threatening, then sprinkling, then threatening….  We drove to Cumberland anyway and the rain stopped!  Just delightful.

I love these pictures of their happy little family!

family, Cumberland MD

on location photography

natural light photography

on location, Cumberland MD


family photos

Happiness is siblings to love on, music, and pretty leaves to play in …

Cumberland photographer

Photography does so many things.  It documents the stages of our lives … the soft, pudgy cheeks of a toddler, the sparkly brown eyes of a little girl who loves to play princess … but at the same time, it encapsulates so many emotions and feelings that can’t be described.  Do you ever look back at a picture and go right back to that moment in time?  That moment when being a mom of little ones was truly the best gift you could have ever dreamed about?

I love beautiful, reflective light that showcases details in pictures so well we feel as though we can almost touch the people in them.  But a side of me is also falling in love with photography that is more emotive … a bit organic and earthy.  These sun-drenched pictures speak to me of the laughter of children, the wind in their hair, the happiness that exudes from their faces when they are free to explore and run and play.  Every parent and grandparent will treasure portraiture, but in the decades from now, I think these pictures will be the ones that make me close my eyes and remember how much joy and love and closeness we had in our family.  I love watching Rachel mother her children.  She is so gentle and patient with them, but most of all, I love watching her delight in her children.  Sunday afternoon we all piled into Tim’s suburban and headed into the back country bumping down gravel roads, up and down hills and fording a creek to reach this lovely field of tall, soft grass (after we got through the briery entrance, that is!).  The children ran and tumbled and laughed and ran again as the sun spilled a few last rays of light across the mountain ridge.

And these?  These spell moments of happiness to me.

natural light




couples photography

best friends

daddy & daughter

forever love




…. because together is the nicest place to be.

A trio of cuteness

November 14, 2013

These three munchkins and their mama and I spent an afternoon walking around downtown Cumberland just as the leaves were turning vibrant shades of yellow and red.

I love the way you can tell these cuties are siblings, yet they each have a look of their own.  Aleah’s chocolate eyes compared to Ava and Riley’s blue ones.  Brown hair and blonde hair.  But they’ve all three got a smile that lights up the world.

children baby girl on location photography, Cumberland Maryland Cumberland photographer Cumberland children's photographer Cumberland children's photographer siblings Cumberland children's photographer Cumberland children's photographer



November 12, 2013

Having two boys of my own I realize I’m a bit prejudiced, but seriously, is there anything cuter than watching two little brothers interact?  They run and jump and play and tussle and at a moment’s notice they turn around and go into gales of laughter or fiercely protect each other.   Even if they were fighting minutes prior.  Although these little guys didn’t fight.  They just had fun exploring the fun, new territory!


Metri and Xander are full of life and energy, just like little boys should be, and we had a merry time chasing after their cute little selves with the impish grins and twinkly eyes.

boy photography

Metri is so grown up and in love with first grade.

children's photographer

on location photography


Xander just turned two and has an adorable habit of being overcome with feelings of shyness which cause him to cover his eyes with both hands when you talk to him.  Silly boy!

natural light photography

on location photography

toddler boy

Brother Love ~


Sheldon & Veronica

July 10, 2013

bride and groom

Sheldon & Veronica grew up and fell in love in beautiful Lancaster county, Pennsylvania.  It was a pleasure to meet them and share their day of celebration.  A day that held mixed emotions since Veronica said goodbye to her mom and dad as they ended their individual fights with cancer in the year prior.  It was an honor to meet their family, to see the strength of their love for each other and they way they hold each other up as they continue to live life well.

0270_Sheldon & Veronica_0086

0261_Sheldon & Veronica_0048

outdoor photography

Veronica chose a beautiful cobalt blue color for her bridesmaids dresses and coupled it with charcoal accents and sweet wild flowers at the reception.  The effect was stunning.

0291_Sheldon & Veronica_0156


0393_Sheldon & Veronica_0426

0068_Sheldon & Veronica_1250

0070_Sheldon & Veronica_1252

I loved her calm demeanor and the way she chose fun foods (grilled hamburgers, anyone?) for the menu because it’s one of their favorite foods.


0454_Sheldon & Veronica_0583

0451_Sheldon & Veronica_0578

0424_Sheldon & Veronica_0497

0421_Sheldon & Veronica_0490

0418_Sheldon & Veronica_0481

And what’s not to love about the sparkle happening in their eyes?!

Sheldon and Veronica, may you always choose to love each other so well!

Jevon & Abigail

June 10, 2013

Jevon & Abigail met when their families were both missionaries in Kenya, Africa.  Their love goes way, way back.  So far back that, in Jevon’s words, it might be embarrassing.

bride & groom

Sort of the equivalent of high school sweethearts (ok, maybe longer), these two clearly have a relationship based on a strong friendship couple with so much romantic love it was inspiring just being around them!  The “can this be true? She’s finally mine” was almost palpable!



bride & groom

Ohio was just beautiful at the end of May ……….. green and glorious if a little chilly in the morning.  Abigail picked a beautiful spot not so far from her home for their portraits in the morning.  The sun peeked over the hill warming the earth and reflecting off the dew drops clinging to the grass.

getting married

bridal party

0191_Jevon & Abigail_0359

outdoor wedding photography


0116_Jevon & Abigail_0213

outdoor wedding photography

Their ceremony was a lovely, emotion-packed service under huge shade trees Abigail’s grandmother tended years and years ago.

0364_Jevon & Abigail_0662

0455_Jevon & Abigail_1142

The reception was on the same grounds making it so easy for guests to mingle, enjoying the food and the company of each other as ushers easily formed circles with the chairs that were previously set in straight lines for the ceremony.

0482_Jevon & Abigail_1213

It was so obvious that Jevon & Abigail are close to both their families, both immediate and extended and that their life is rich with friends who love them dearly.

0242_Jevon & Abigail_0483

0215_Jevon & Abigail_0408

The day was punctuated by laughter and joyous celebration by many, but most of all, by the happy couple themselves.

happy couple

0593_Jevon & Abigail_1475

Wishing you all the best, Jevon & Abbi!  May you always be so in love!

Summer Eve

June 3, 2013

Few things are so delightful as a warm, summer eve

child's tent, photography

Shannon & Janelle

April 30, 2013

Shannon & Janelle said, “I do” on a day that was bursting with love, sunshine, and the beauty of Spring. Weeks of rain delayed the arrival of Spring and now, here it was, vibrantly blooming at it’s peak on the very day they’d chosen to get married. There was so much love and happiness happening between those two, I don’t know if they even noticed, but coming from a still-shrouded-in-winter Maryland, you can bet I did!

wedding photography

Janelle’s dress was simply elegant, a glimpse of the elegance that was to follow in their ceremony and reception.


The handsome groom from Pennsylvania.


The contrast of red in their bridal party was so striking against the blacks and whites and surrounded by the vibrance of the green outdoors.

bridal party

The charming beauty of Abbeville’s historic square was not lost on any of us; but the love between these two outshone it all.



0050_Shannon & Janelle_0125

0049_Shannon & Janelle_0123

Congratulations, Shannon & Janelle!  May you celebrate your dreams together for years and years to come.