Jevon & Abigail

Jevon & Abigail met when their families were both missionaries in Kenya, Africa.  Their love goes way, way back.  So far back that, in Jevon’s words, it might be embarrassing.

bride & groom

Sort of the equivalent of high school sweethearts (ok, maybe longer), these two clearly have a relationship based on a strong friendship couple with so much romantic love it was inspiring just being around them!  The “can this be true? She’s finally mine” was almost palpable!



bride & groom

Ohio was just beautiful at the end of May ……….. green and glorious if a little chilly in the morning.  Abigail picked a beautiful spot not so far from her home for their portraits in the morning.  The sun peeked over the hill warming the earth and reflecting off the dew drops clinging to the grass.

getting married

bridal party

0191_Jevon & Abigail_0359

outdoor wedding photography


0116_Jevon & Abigail_0213

outdoor wedding photography

Their ceremony was a lovely, emotion-packed service under huge shade trees Abigail’s grandmother tended years and years ago.

0364_Jevon & Abigail_0662

0455_Jevon & Abigail_1142

The reception was on the same grounds making it so easy for guests to mingle, enjoying the food and the company of each other as ushers easily formed circles with the chairs that were previously set in straight lines for the ceremony.

0482_Jevon & Abigail_1213

It was so obvious that Jevon & Abigail are close to both their families, both immediate and extended and that their life is rich with friends who love them dearly.

0242_Jevon & Abigail_0483

0215_Jevon & Abigail_0408

The day was punctuated by laughter and joyous celebration by many, but most of all, by the happy couple themselves.

happy couple

0593_Jevon & Abigail_1475

Wishing you all the best, Jevon & Abbi!  May you always be so in love!


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