Shannon & Janelle

Shannon & Janelle said, “I do” on a day that was bursting with love, sunshine, and the beauty of Spring. Weeks of rain delayed the arrival of Spring and now, here it was, vibrantly blooming at it’s peak on the very day they’d chosen to get married. There was so much love and happiness happening between those two, I don’t know if they even noticed, but coming from a still-shrouded-in-winter Maryland, you can bet I did!

wedding photography

Janelle’s dress was simply elegant, a glimpse of the elegance that was to follow in their ceremony and reception.


The handsome groom from Pennsylvania.


The contrast of red in their bridal party was so striking against the blacks and whites and surrounded by the vibrance of the green outdoors.

bridal party

The charming beauty of Abbeville’s historic square was not lost on any of us; but the love between these two outshone it all.



0050_Shannon & Janelle_0125

0049_Shannon & Janelle_0123

Congratulations, Shannon & Janelle!  May you celebrate your dreams together for years and years to come.


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