Sheldon & Veronica

bride and groom

Sheldon & Veronica grew up and fell in love in beautiful Lancaster county, Pennsylvania.  It was a pleasure to meet them and share their day of celebration.  A day that held mixed emotions since Veronica said goodbye to her mom and dad as they ended their individual fights with cancer in the year prior.  It was an honor to meet their family, to see the strength of their love for each other and they way they hold each other up as they continue to live life well.

0270_Sheldon & Veronica_0086

0261_Sheldon & Veronica_0048

outdoor photography

Veronica chose a beautiful cobalt blue color for her bridesmaids dresses and coupled it with charcoal accents and sweet wild flowers at the reception.  The effect was stunning.

0291_Sheldon & Veronica_0156


0393_Sheldon & Veronica_0426

0068_Sheldon & Veronica_1250

0070_Sheldon & Veronica_1252

I loved her calm demeanor and the way she chose fun foods (grilled hamburgers, anyone?) for the menu because it’s one of their favorite foods.


0454_Sheldon & Veronica_0583

0451_Sheldon & Veronica_0578

0424_Sheldon & Veronica_0497

0421_Sheldon & Veronica_0490

0418_Sheldon & Veronica_0481

And what’s not to love about the sparkle happening in their eyes?!

Sheldon and Veronica, may you always choose to love each other so well!


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