Snow Fun

February 8, 2014

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Durlin & Emily and boyS

October 15, 2012

I love meeting new people, but old friends share a heart history that only comes with time. In the same way, it is delightful and inspiring to meet new clients or to shoot in a new location, but a photo session with repeat clients or in a same location is comfortable and relaxed in a way that only comes with repeat sessions. This was both. Durlin and Emily actually chose to do their photos in the same spot we’d chosen several years ago. There are umpteen gorgeous photo spots on a university campus and we haven’t begun to touch them all yet. I kind of hope to do another session with them here sometime in the summer time. Durlin and Emily know how I work and intuitively know when to give me space with the boys so they will focus on me and lose their self-consciousness and when to jump in to help get their attention. The new part about this session? Two boys instead of one! Aren’t they darling?

Emily chose a gorgeous shade of blue — so striking with their light hair and blue eyes!

Beachy_0044 copy







August 4, 2010


Our family.

David said it best, “Too bad we can’t do vacation all the time and work occasionally.”

Newborn Sweetness

January 17, 2010

I love taking pictures. But more and more I think my favorite photos include newborns.
So cuddly.

So tiny.

So precious.