Having two boys of my own I realize I’m a bit prejudiced, but seriously, is there anything cuter than watching two little brothers interact?  They run and jump and play and tussle and at a moment’s notice they turn around and go into gales of laughter or fiercely protect each other.   Even if they were fighting minutes prior.  Although these little guys didn’t fight.  They just had fun exploring the fun, new territory!


Metri and Xander are full of life and energy, just like little boys should be, and we had a merry time chasing after their cute little selves with the impish grins and twinkly eyes.

boy photography

Metri is so grown up and in love with first grade.

children's photographer

on location photography


Xander just turned two and has an adorable habit of being overcome with feelings of shyness which cause him to cover his eyes with both hands when you talk to him.  Silly boy!

natural light photography

on location photography

toddler boy

Brother Love ~



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