Snow Fun

Feb 14_0140

Feb 14_0152

Feb 14_0142

Feb 14_0153

Feb 14_0147

Feb 14_0145

Feb 14_0155 Feb 14_0144

Feb 14_0164

Feb 14_0174



3 Responses to Snow Fun

  1. […] By some miracle, I was able to get some texts through in the morning if I tried resending them about twenty times.  David sent Grandpa Dolyn and Grandma Donna to check on me around noon.  He cleared the lane and the Escape and got it turned around in case I needed to go anywhere and tried to hook up one of those ancient phones that plugs directly into the wall, but it didn’t work.  Still, it felt like I could at least get out without wading through snow and I felt eternally grateful!  Liam and I traipsed outside for a little photoshoot in the snow. […]

  2. What beautiful pictures! I love the English flair to the outfits, and the bright pops of color against the snow.

  3. amber says:

    love these! the buttons on the scarf and that little smile!

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