Jevon & Abigail

June 10, 2013

Jevon & Abigail met when their families were both missionaries in Kenya, Africa.  Their love goes way, way back.  So far back that, in Jevon’s words, it might be embarrassing.

bride & groom

Sort of the equivalent of high school sweethearts (ok, maybe longer), these two clearly have a relationship based on a strong friendship couple with so much romantic love it was inspiring just being around them!  The “can this be true? She’s finally mine” was almost palpable!



bride & groom

Ohio was just beautiful at the end of May ……….. green and glorious if a little chilly in the morning.  Abigail picked a beautiful spot not so far from her home for their portraits in the morning.  The sun peeked over the hill warming the earth and reflecting off the dew drops clinging to the grass.

getting married

bridal party

0191_Jevon & Abigail_0359

outdoor wedding photography


0116_Jevon & Abigail_0213

outdoor wedding photography

Their ceremony was a lovely, emotion-packed service under huge shade trees Abigail’s grandmother tended years and years ago.

0364_Jevon & Abigail_0662

0455_Jevon & Abigail_1142

The reception was on the same grounds making it so easy for guests to mingle, enjoying the food and the company of each other as ushers easily formed circles with the chairs that were previously set in straight lines for the ceremony.

0482_Jevon & Abigail_1213

It was so obvious that Jevon & Abigail are close to both their families, both immediate and extended and that their life is rich with friends who love them dearly.

0242_Jevon & Abigail_0483

0215_Jevon & Abigail_0408

The day was punctuated by laughter and joyous celebration by many, but most of all, by the happy couple themselves.

happy couple

0593_Jevon & Abigail_1475

Wishing you all the best, Jevon & Abbi!  May you always be so in love!


Summer Eve

June 3, 2013

Few things are so delightful as a warm, summer eve

child's tent, photography

Shannon & Janelle

April 30, 2013

Shannon & Janelle said, “I do” on a day that was bursting with love, sunshine, and the beauty of Spring. Weeks of rain delayed the arrival of Spring and now, here it was, vibrantly blooming at it’s peak on the very day they’d chosen to get married. There was so much love and happiness happening between those two, I don’t know if they even noticed, but coming from a still-shrouded-in-winter Maryland, you can bet I did!

wedding photography

Janelle’s dress was simply elegant, a glimpse of the elegance that was to follow in their ceremony and reception.


The handsome groom from Pennsylvania.


The contrast of red in their bridal party was so striking against the blacks and whites and surrounded by the vibrance of the green outdoors.

bridal party

The charming beauty of Abbeville’s historic square was not lost on any of us; but the love between these two outshone it all.



0050_Shannon & Janelle_0125

0049_Shannon & Janelle_0123

Congratulations, Shannon & Janelle!  May you celebrate your dreams together for years and years to come.

Craig & Jessica :: wedding

December 15, 2012

When Jessica told me her wedding date, I knew we were pushing the season. Because I do almost all natural light photography, I try to schedule only events that take advantage of the gorgeous spring, summer, and fall seasons. Of course, you never know what will happen. The day you expect to be perfect in June may turn out to be rainy. Early March may be the epitome of Spring or surprise you with a snow shower. Or like this year, a Virginia wedding in October makes you think of glorious autumn leaves and this year it was cold! Yet Craig and Jessica’s November 30th wedding was a balmy 65 degrees on a sunny afternoon. And did we ever make the most of it!

Jessica and Craig chose to do their first look session at her house close to Harrisonburg. From there we traveled to the historic section of Staunton. Our first stop was the Miller House, now a private residence, but earlier a bed and breakfast where Jessica worked. A few miles further West we drove into Gypsy Hill Park. Jessica slipped into a cute pair of tennis shoes and Craig bent to tie them as she held her lovely skirt out of the way. David and I followed them up the hill at breath catching speed. Had she not been dashing up the hill WITH her handsome fiancee, Jessica could have modeled for the Runaway Bride! A few shots at the top of the hill where Craig popped the pivotal question months earlier and then on to downtown Staunton where we found a delightful golden tunnel, picturesque doorways, and an old train station.

Their wedding was vintage elegance personified! After a beautiful ceremony that included darling little flower babies being pushed down the aisle in a vintage carriage, gorgeous violin music, and a surprise song to Craig that Jessica recorded at a local studio earlier, guests were ushered into a warm reception absolutely overflowing with beauty. Every table centerpiece was a unique collection of antiques and dried floral arrangements. A vintage chandelier added ambience to the bridal table and a gorgeous hand-crafted wreath drew everyone’s attention toward the buffet. Grilled chicken, fettuccine alfredo {made with homemade noodles, I might add}, steamed broccoli, garlic bread knots, and a lovely salad with celery seed dressing. From the handmade after dinner mints to the perfect spice of mulled cider, it was perfection, beauty and happiness. But the best part of the day by far was seeing Craig and Jessica so happy to be together!

Craig & Jessica_0097

Craig & Jessica_0307

Craig & Jessica_0371

Craig & Jessica_0380

Craig & Jessica_0398

Craig & Jessica_0436

Craig & Jessica_0815

Craig & Jessica_0856BW

Craig & Jessica_0896

Craig & Jessica_1024

Craig & Jessica_1063

Craig & Jessica_1125BW

Craig & Jessica_1188

Craig & Jessica_1196

Craig & Jessica_1202

Craig & Jessica_1205

Craig & Jessica_1224

Craig & Jessica_1335

Craig & Jessica_1337

Craig & Jessica_0789

Craig & Jessica_0032

Craig & Jessica_0135BW

Craig & Jessica_0450

Craig & Jessica_0195

Craig & Jessica_0497

Craig & Jessica_0552

Craig & Jessica_0198

Craig & Jessica_0745

Craig & Jessica_0759

Craig & Jessica_1043

Craig & Jessica_1310

Craig & Jessica_1480

Craig & Jessica_0970

Craig and Jessica, it was pure delight to share your wedding day! Thank you for the honor.

Joe & Rhoda :: family

November 29, 2012

A post Thanksgiving photo session with a sweet family and a teeny tiny new baby! Alexis and Natasha love being in front of the camera more than any girls I’ve ever met. They are a blast to follow around as they say, “well, we could take another one of me here!” Lincoln on the other hand didn’t think my version of Curious George was one bit funny.

It was warmish for November, but crazy windy. Natasha ended up in the hospital with pneumonia when she was about ten days old, so Rhoda kept sweet little Brycen snuggled in tight. Isn’t he darling?

Joe & Rhoda_0029

Joe & Rhoda_0085

Joe & Rhoda_0094BW

Joe & Rhoda_0156BW

Joe & Rhoda_0216

Joe & Rhoda_0290

Ken & Lori :: family

November 12, 2012

I met Ken and Lori’s family in West Virginia to take family pictures in time for Christmas. From the minute I walked into their house, I felt as though we’d known each other for a long, long time. They are so friendly and warm and welcoming it’s a wonder everybody doesn’t just stay and somehow think they’ve become part of the family! Lori and her daughter, Gina, picked a deserted home site not far up the road from their house, borrowed a restored vintage truck from a neighbor, and just happened to have the perfect garland in sight for a little Christmas flair.

Ken and Lori, it was an absolute delight. And dinner together afterward was an unexpected, but oh so delightful treat! Thanks for a great evening!





Mark & Mary :: wedding

October 24, 2012

Mark and Mary celebrated the beginning of their life together on a frosty morning in October. We met at a local winery minutes before the sun came up in a huge red ball, valiantly trying to warm the frozen air. The light was golden and glorious as it always is when it first arrives and then bright and cloudless leaving us longing for it’s warmth and simultaneously trying to soften it’s intensity.

Mark and Mary were proof indeed that love is warm enough to not only survive, but to laugh and enjoy! I loved the way embraced life for what it is. They were giddy with love as all newly wed couples are, but their wedding ceremony also graciously and openly spoke of the events that transpired to bring this day to pass. I loved seeing Mark’s children welcome Mary into their family with so much love and without holding back, even when tears and memories of their mom glistened in their eyes. In them, I saw such Jesus love. Not just accepting life, but embracing it. Living life well. Grieving loss. Loving without reserve. While celebration may seem like a strange word to choose for a wedding that held depths of so much more, I can’t think of a more fitting word. Mark and Mary, their extended families, and friends celebrating the healing love of Jesus and the newness of their love. Could anything be more beautiful?

When I think of the day, this quick snapshot of Mark and Mary just before they walked down to the reception is one of my favorites. I love their happiness and it goes without saying that Mark is thinking, “I can’t believe she’s really mine!”

Mark & Mary_0744

A few more favorite images from the day:

Mark & Mary_1299

Mark & Mary_0364

Mark & Mary_0332

The girls {trying very hard to pretend they were on a warm beach in Hawaii}
Mark & Mary_0277

Mark and his sons
Mark & Mary_0321

Whenever the cold threatened to make them feel stiff, Mark would send everyone into the warmth of laughter with his gymnastics. I caught him just as he was getting back into position. Mary wasn’t joking when she kept telling me, “He is so much fun!”

Mark & Mary_0169

Mark & Mary_1340BW

Mark & Mary_0225

Mark & Mary_0172

Congratulations, you two love birds!