Joe & Rhoda :: family

A post Thanksgiving photo session with a sweet family and a teeny tiny new baby! Alexis and Natasha love being in front of the camera more than any girls I’ve ever met. They are a blast to follow around as they say, “well, we could take another one of me here!” Lincoln on the other hand didn’t think my version of Curious George was one bit funny.

It was warmish for November, but crazy windy. Natasha ended up in the hospital with pneumonia when she was about ten days old, so Rhoda kept sweet little Brycen snuggled in tight. Isn’t he darling?

Joe & Rhoda_0029

Joe & Rhoda_0085

Joe & Rhoda_0094BW

Joe & Rhoda_0156BW

Joe & Rhoda_0216

Joe & Rhoda_0290


One Response to Joe & Rhoda :: family

  1. Jo Yoder says:

    I worked with Rhoda at a soft pretzel stand in Lancaster when we were teenagers. I haven’t seen her in more than a decade. So fun to see her beautiful family! Thank you!

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