Mark & Mary :: wedding

Mark and Mary celebrated the beginning of their life together on a frosty morning in October. We met at a local winery minutes before the sun came up in a huge red ball, valiantly trying to warm the frozen air. The light was golden and glorious as it always is when it first arrives and then bright and cloudless leaving us longing for it’s warmth and simultaneously trying to soften it’s intensity.

Mark and Mary were proof indeed that love is warm enough to not only survive, but to laugh and enjoy! I loved the way embraced life for what it is. They were giddy with love as all newly wed couples are, but their wedding ceremony also graciously and openly spoke of the events that transpired to bring this day to pass. I loved seeing Mark’s children welcome Mary into their family with so much love and without holding back, even when tears and memories of their mom glistened in their eyes. In them, I saw such Jesus love. Not just accepting life, but embracing it. Living life well. Grieving loss. Loving without reserve. While celebration may seem like a strange word to choose for a wedding that held depths of so much more, I can’t think of a more fitting word. Mark and Mary, their extended families, and friends celebrating the healing love of Jesus and the newness of their love. Could anything be more beautiful?

When I think of the day, this quick snapshot of Mark and Mary just before they walked down to the reception is one of my favorites. I love their happiness and it goes without saying that Mark is thinking, “I can’t believe she’s really mine!”

Mark & Mary_0744

A few more favorite images from the day:

Mark & Mary_1299

Mark & Mary_0364

Mark & Mary_0332

The girls {trying very hard to pretend they were on a warm beach in Hawaii}
Mark & Mary_0277

Mark and his sons
Mark & Mary_0321

Whenever the cold threatened to make them feel stiff, Mark would send everyone into the warmth of laughter with his gymnastics. I caught him just as he was getting back into position. Mary wasn’t joking when she kept telling me, “He is so much fun!”

Mark & Mary_0169

Mark & Mary_1340BW

Mark & Mary_0225

Mark & Mary_0172

Congratulations, you two love birds!


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