Sheldon & Julia :: wedding

It was a gorgeous day in August. Warm sunshine spilled through leafy trees and slight breezes carried the sound of the Shenandoah River. Sheldon and Julia planned a gorgeous outdoor ceremony right on the banks of the river. There was plenty of room for a tent to house the reception and the entire day felt infused with sunlight, celebration, beauty, and love. Every wedding is unique because every bride and groom is unique. While some of the elements stay the same, there are always subtle differences that give a wedding ownership. There are obvious ways … differences in decor, color, details on the brides dress, the bouquet, the menu … each crafted to make this day uniquely his and hers. There are subtle differences, too. Even though almost all my brides say similar words, their weddings always have a particular strength. Sometimes I drive away being so inspired with how fresh and beautiful and pure love is. Sometimes I want to pump my fists and yell, “YES!” because once again, a bride has shown me what a celebration marriage is. Sheldon and Julia exuded an incredible desire to honor God. They are both gorgeous individuals, but they both seemed as though they’d forgotten about themselves, even on their wedding day. In a dozen tiny ways, they pointed the day to each other and to God throughout our time together. Their love carried an undercurrent of strength to it that spoke of learning to love unselfishly through difficulty. I’d never met either of them before the day of their wedding, but in our last minutes together just before they left on their honeymoon, we got to talk for a few minutes. In a few sentences they confirmed what I’d been feeling all day … that Sheldon and Julia had learned already what it meant when God talked about agape love. That kind of love is a love unmeasurable. Sheldon & Julia, I’m so proud of you both and honored to have shared your day!

David usually co-shoots the weddings I do; but he had commitments at camp that couldn’t be re-schedule. I was so grateful to my sister-in-law, Ro, for coming to help me out that day. She kept me hydrated and fed, carried camera bags, and shot a few images. Thanks, Ro!

And now, let me introduce the gorgeous couple!

Sheldon & Julia_0053

Sheldon & Julia_0185

Sheldon & Julia_0227

Sheldon & Julia_0536

Sheldon & Julia_0548

Sheldon & Julia_0552

Sheldon & Julia_0560

Sheldon & Julia_0567

Sheldon & Julia_0574

Sheldon & Julia_0589

Sheldon & Julia_0624

Sheldon & Julia_0630

Sheldon & Julia_0640

Sheldon & Julia_0644

Sheldon & Julia_0691

Sheldon & Julia_0759

Sheldon & Julia_0806

Sheldon & Julia_0859

Sheldon & Julia_0954

Sheldon & Julia_0971

Sheldon & Julia_1015

Sheldon & Julia_1028

Sheldon & Julia_1060

Sheldon & Julia_1064

Sheldon & Julia_1083

Sheldon & Julia_1091

Sheldon & Julia_1101

Sheldon & Julia_1105

Sheldon & Julia_1331

Sheldon & Julia_1428

Sheldon & Julia_1530


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