Eric and Joanne said, “I do,” on a gorgeous June day that was everything a summer day should be. Blue skies. Sunshine. Warm. Ok, really warm, but summer is supposed to be hot. Their ceremony was lovely, laced with phenomenal choral music by talented vocalists. And THEN!

Oh, my. And then! We drove to Joanne’s parent’s place for an all out-gorgeous reception! In the days prior to the wedding as we talked about plans, I could tell that Joanne is a very organized, detailed person. She thought of everything, including having her florist make fresh boutonnieres since she chose to do bridal party and bride and groom shots after the reception and she thought the original set would look wilted after being in the afternoon heat. The details on her buffet table and dessert table were like eye candy, but what I most remember about the day was the iced coffee punch they served as people entered the reception tent. Just that perfect blend of cold, creamy sweetness!

We did some individual shots and family pictures at the church before the ceremony. Then, after the reception, Eric and Joanne, (well, really, their chauffeurs) led the way to the historic section of Lynchburg where gorgeous church grounds and rose gardens waited. It was perfect and the sun was heading toward early evening. A perfect summer day in June ……………………… especially for two people!

Congratulations, Eric & Joanne!


One Response to {wedding}

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh, we wanted to be there so badly! It looks like a lovely wedding.

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