Joel & Crystal

Jesus said, “How beautiful are the feet of those who share the Gospel.” And I say, how beautiful are their faces and the spirit in their family, also. As a mom, it’s never really an easy thing to get out the door and when it’s time to take family pictures, everything seems to go up a notch. You’ve spent time thinking about what everyone is going to wear and no one wants a last minute wardrobe change. It’s hard not to feel stressed about getting out the door just on time (but not too early so the children don’t get dirty) and still have a relaxed atmosphere (because we all know how the grumpies look and feel) so that hopefully everyone will be looking like the happy family we always are. 😉

Crystal had all of that and more. Their family flew home Sunday night after spending six months as missionaries in Thailand. Pictures were scheduled for Tuesday night because at the end of the week, they were moving to New York City to be part of a missionary training program to help equip others. That’s a lot of unrest and time change for little ones and I was prepared for anything to happen.

Had we not talked prior, I would have had no idea. Their kids were just normal, sweet kids. Energetic two year old, but it wouldn’t be normal if she wasn’t. I was so impressed and when I complimented Crystal on how calm and cooperative everyone was she said, “Well, we prayed on the way over,” with that sideways glance moms everywhere recognize as the “because we were needing it” sign. 🙂

And now, without further ado, let me introduce Joel and Crystal and their lovely, lovely family. As always, an honor.


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