Jared & Kaylin

I know. I know. It’s May. They got married in November. But Jared and Kaylin were way too much fun to not have them on my blog and I just realized today, they are MIA. And hey, it’s almost their six month anniversary. A little picture celebration is in order!

I loved, loved, loved my day with J and K and apparently they did, too. Even if J said I never did stop saying, “Just one more!” 😉 What can I say? They were too cute in front of my lens and I couldn’t seem to stop. I loved the way they were so comfortable with themselves, with each other, and with us. Their day felt so joyful because they were happy and relaxed and just having a blast! A few weeks ago Kaylin messaged me to say, “I wish we could do our wedding day again just for the fun of doing pictures.” Me, too, girl. Me, too!

Kaylin chose a super happy pink and turquoise for her wedding colors. How fun! And her shoes? Are they not awesome? Happy almost six month anniversary, you love-birds!


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