Tim & Katie

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding day. Katie told me she hopes for a cloudy day because her glasses are always tinted a little and they turn dark in the sunshine. Of course we both hoped for mild temperatures so that we could take pictures outside. The shades of cinnamon and sage green complimented a late October autumn wedding perfectly.

Then the day arrived. Cold. And SNOWY!!

When we arrived at Katie’s house we discovered she had a bigger issue than the snow. Sometime during the night when she couldn’t sleep, she grabbed a blanket and a speck of dirt flew into her eye that was paining her horribly. It was time to take pictures and instead Katie was on the sofa with her EMT brother-in-law trying to find the culprit.

After another twenty minutes of inspection, Jacob swiped the offender. Miracle of miracles, Katie’s eye looked perfect. No redness or watering! He must have been very careful!

But it was Katie’s smile that amazed me most. We were way behind schedule but she jumped through a few last minute getting ready moments and was ready to go, seemingly unruffled.

The snow was sooo gorgeous, especially because it really was fall and not winter so it topped red and orange and yellow leaves instead of only the typical grey branches.

But it was cold!! Mr. Miller generously allowed us to use Milmont Greenhouses for photos of the bridesmaids.

It was very important to Tim and Katie that they not see each other until she walks down the aisle so Katie went back to spend a few last minutes with her family and Treva (my co-photographer for the day) headed to the Cider Mill Camp where the wedding ceremony would take place. We met an excited Tim and his two groomsmen. Groomsman three was absent and Eric wasn’t feeling well, but he was a phenomenal sport and hopefully wasn’t any more ill at the end of the day for being in the snow.

Tim and Katie were so sweet together! We had a little time between the ceremony and reception to take a few family and bridal party shots. After the reception we spent a little time with just the two of them. Katie was completely finished with the idea of cold so we asked the Kinsingers if we could use their home for a few shots and they graciously opened their doors (Thank you Menno & Sadie). It was also where Tim and Katie chose to wash each other’s feet as a symbolism of their love for each other … like Christ loves the church.

(^^^ photo credit: Treva Schlabach)

Congratulations, Tim & Katie! May your love grow truly invincible!


One Response to Tim & Katie

  1. thelongtrick says:

    Wow Michelle…on a day with so many obstacles, you did a fantastic job with the photography. I think I would have been a crying wreck!

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