Family :: Huyard

I met the lovely Huyard family in Washington DC the beginning of October. They live in Pennsylvania and DC seemed like a lovely halfway meeting point. The fact that one of their daughters lives there was a bonus point. I love, love, loved my time with them! Marita was my first grade teacher long ago when we both lived in SC. Really long ago, actually, but we won’t count years.

I mostly roam the countryside around Charlottesville, so it was great fun being in the city. Driving wasn’t the problem. We even found a great spot for parking. It looked dubious, but there were cars on both sides of me, no NO PARKING signs, and the car to my left was empty of passengers and clearly parked. (I was on the left end of a parking zone.) But sure enough, at the end of our session I returned to find a big white parking ticket flapping under the pin hold of a windshield wiper. And then and only then did I notice the white lines to meet parking spaces clearly ended two cars over. Oops. Clearly I’m not city savvy after all.

Thanks to the Huyards for a wonderful time! (Even if it was coooold and we barely squeezed it in between rain showers!)


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