A bit of baby love

Newborn sweetness ….. mmmmmm! Love their smell! Love their squeaks! Love their tinyness!

Newborn sessions always seem to go better when baby is really brand new. This little guy was five days old …. magical number apparently because he slept adorably.

Mommy loves green so we tried to stay clear of blues and reds. I always take a few props with me for newborn sessions but love to incorporate a few things that belong in baby’s home, too. A gorgeous green throw made a perfect backdrop and added a punch of Mom’s favorite color. Big brother’s toybox turned on it’s side added a fun twist, too.

And since I adore vintage and the current fun banners that are floating around in crafty people’s cyber domain, I sewed up this little banner the morning of his session. This is my personal favorite image from his session!

And one more, just because.


3 Responses to A bit of baby love

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love the props in the first photo. What a little sweetheart. Is this Emily and Durlin’s baby?

    Wanna come to Ireland next month and take newborn photos for me? 🙂

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