Sometimes when I download pictures from my camera I jump inside with joy. Sometimes I am happily surprised. Sometimes I ooh and ahhh … especially when the photos are of children. I love, love seeing children in front of my lens. I love their expressions of delight, curiosity, laughter, contemplation, and even shyness. I love snapshots. Not the formal staged photos, but the images that speak life and energy and movement. But too often I eye my photos critically because I did not capture things exactly like I envisioned them. Sometimes what I did capture is better than my original thought process, but the scientific cells in my brain cry failure because experiment A + B did not = C. This is never so difficult for me as when I take pictures of my own children. To learn to go completely with what is happening and working with the mood they are in and forgetting the images conjured up in my brain. I am slowly learning to appreciate the imperfect side of photography. Because so many times the pictures I say “Oh, if only that ….” about in my snapshots are the times I forget that I am capturing life as it happens … not the perfect image. And that in itself makes it perfect.

Part of my April project list is getting the hundreds and hundreds of images from my computer to an external source. I am nearly two years behind and I cringe thinking of what could happen. In the process, I’ve been oohing and ahhing. And strangely enough, some of the oohing and ahhing has been done over the pictures that mentally went to my discard pile when I first took them. Perfectly imperfect. Strange, isn’t it?


One Response to Favorites

  1. Shannon says:

    MICHELLE! 2 years??? 2 years worth????? Please please PLEASE tell me they were backed up somewhere somehow. You scare me, woman!! I just had a hard drive crash so that’s why I yell at everyone about this. 🙂 Ok, on to other things and off my soapbox, I really like the photo! 🙂

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