A house becomes a home

There are a lot of things that make a house become a home, I think. A house is just a structure made of wood, tile, insulation (hopefully), and paint among other things. When we begin to choose elements of warmth, it begins the journey toward becoming home.

Sometimes people rent and have no choice but to accept the structural components as is. Still, a favorite duvet, bouquets of tulips, and jasmine scented candles can help to create ownership and make it feel like home. I get excited when I see people able to choose the fundamentals whether it’s through building or remodeling. There is something almost magical about being allowed to create a space that works perfectly for us. A place that looks like me.

These two families had just that. One through a remodel project in a gorgeous Jefferson era home. Another through building a new home. And hats off to Edenali for helping to make their dreams come true.


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And happy home-creating to you.


One Response to A house becomes a home

  1. Marylou says:

    Beautiful renovation job! In one of the first pictures I was thinking, what in the world is that railing by the top cabinets and then saw the rolling ladder. How absolutely cool. I wouldn’t want it in my kitchen ’cause I would always stumble over it, but love the looks of it!

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