Tonight the most fun thing happened. I checked my email and started to reply to some family emails. My mom, sisters, and I often stay connected by group emailing each other snippets of our day, pictures, and the latest news. While I was still replying to all the little emails that collected over the course of the day, the computer kept saying “ding” as another new one popped in. Next thing we knew, all four of us were replying back and forth (yes, I know there’s facebook; but Beth isn’t on it plus you can’t group talk). The next email that came in was from Beth and said, “This is so much fun getting just sent emails from all of you. It makes me feel like reaching for the Coke and one more chip with melted cheese.”

Oh, I miss those girl times.

There’s just something about a sister …..


5 Responses to Sisters

  1. Shannon says:

    You guys need to use Yahoo Messenger. Google it. It shows when your “friends” are online so you can chat with them and you can also do a group chat. We used it a lot when Loren & Berneice were in Haiti.

  2. Andrea says:

    Oh my word, Rhoda’s girls are adorable!!! I haven’t seen them in ages!! And, speaking of sisters, God blessed me abundantly with my five sisters. They’re amazing and I absolutely LOVE to be with them. So, I agree with you….there’s just something about a sister….

  3. Dory says:

    I have talked by phone to my sisters a lot in the last couple days. It would be great to just sit down & visit!!

  4. Gina Smucker says:

    oh how I love my sisters. boo-hoo they don’t even live here anymore.

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