The world from my window

Between the snow and the sick boys, I’ve been relegated to life inside the house. We never, and I mean never, have this much snow in Virginia. During normal winters, we get so excited about snowflakes. When there are three to six inches of snow in the forecast, our children can hardly sleep. This year we have been pelted with twenty inches of snow not once, but twice. Not to mention all the little three to six inch snows between the big storms. Instead of seeing snowflakes and wondering if it will completely cover the ground (meaning only a few grass tips peeking through), we have over a foot of snow sitting in the yard for weeks. For a week or so, it was like the world’s best playground. Now, it’s lost it’s charm. The boys look out the door and Adam says, “Mommy, not snow again. I’m tired of snow.” Liam probably doesn’t remember another life. To top it off, one or the other of us has been down with the flu for well over two weeks. Which means I get to view life from inside the window. It’s a narrow world view; but not completely bereft of beauty.


2 Responses to The world from my window

  1. Jo says:

    Oh, your mountains!! This morning I must confess the sin of envy, because I am totally jealous of that view! I really think that I could learn to love northwest PA’s 6 months of winter if only I could lift my eyes to mountains from my kitchen window!

    I like the bird pictures, too. Our feeders have been empty for a couple of weeks, and I miss my feathered friends.

  2. Tryphena says:

    I love your pics! Can we put a caption on the 11th one from the top??? like “STOP talking with your mouth full! I don’t wanna hear Hear it!”

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